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Apply Once, Glide Forever.

About PHANTOM Glide™

PHANTOM was created in 2016 with the idea of creating a solution to the common problem that wax is bad for the environment, and that people don’t wax their bases as often as they should. PHANTOM was a product started by DPS Skis, and it’s held to the same high standards of constantly evolving to become better.

PHANTOM was, and still is, an industry leader and innovator in eco-friendly glide improvement.

After 6 years of constantly pushing to better our product while maintaining strict performance, permanence, and environmental standards, we are evolving the brand and product and bring you the newest version of PHANTOM Glide™.

PHANTOM Glide is for everyone that moves over snow, whether it's alpine skiing, nordic skiing, or snowboarding.

Now rebranded, the new logo and brand name communicates our dedication to the science of base treatment and the primary reason for our existence: improved glide across snow. 

PHANTOM Glide will continue to push the boundaries of permanent performance enhancement, while constantly striving to be an industry leader in environmentally conscious solutions to glide improvement.

The Team

Shaun Spacht

Product & Sales Manager

Shaun Spacht brings over 20 years of ski industry sales experience to the team at PHANTOM Glide. Shaun joined the team in 2020, and is responsible for supporting current retail partners and creating new relationships with shops throughout the world. Additionally, he is directly involved with the development, evolution, and go to market strategy of PHANTOM Glide.

Dennis Pruzan

Manager of Phantom R&D

Dennis Pruzan obtained his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Utah in 2018 and joined DPS Skis shortly thereafter, where his responsibilities include everything from supply chain and inventory management to manufacturing PHANTOM Glide. Additionally, he is responsible for leading the development of new formulas and products as well as both on-snow and in-lab testing efforts to validate product performance.

Apply Once, Glide Forever.


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