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Want to learn more about PHANTOM Glide?

PHANTOM Glide is a waxless base treatment for skis and snowboards. It’s eco-friendly, long lasting, predictable, and simple to maintain. PHANTOM does not contain PFAS or fluorocarbons.

Save time, go fast, and save our watersheds. With PHANTOM Glide applied to your skis, snowboard, or snowblades you’ll experience performance benefits on the snow that last much longer than wax. Given that, you’ll spend much less time waxing and more time skiing! Or cleaning your garage... You can also feel good about using PHANTOM, as it does not wear off like wax and end up in our watersheds.

Yes – wax can be applied over PHANTOM Glide.If you are racing competitively, you can still apply special temperature-specific waxes onto a PHANTOM treated base. We have also learned in our own testing that topical wax lasts longer on a PHANTOM treated base than on an untreated base. Why? Because there is a positive molecular attraction between the paraffin and the bonded PHANTOM chains in the polyethylene ski base.

PHANTOM does not eliminate the need to take care of your base structure and your edges. All skis and snowboards need to be periodically stone ground and tuned to address the natural oxidation of polyethylene, fix damaged areas, and de-bur and tune the edges. 

Yes. PHANTOM can be applied at home with strong direct outdoor sunlight for at least one (1) hour cure time. There’s about 20 minutes of required prep (removing wax and cleaning base prior to application).To ensure optimal results, we recommend that you visit our Dealer Locator page to find a PHANTOM cure station near you.

Yes. PHANTOM is an excellent solution for backcountry skiing and split boarding. With PHANTOM, you no longer need to worry about wax being removed by skins; skin glue is no longer contaminated by wax, and you always can rely on glide in variable snow conditions throughout the season (and even into the summer for the diehards out there). If you apply PHANTOM at home, ensure to do some extra polishing (1-2 minutes) with water after your application.

PHANTOM Single App has a shelf life of 2 years. Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunshine. Do not open the single app packets until you are ready to apply to the base of your equipment.

PHANTOM will work with both sintered and extruded bases. We expect PHANTOM will last 1-2 base grinds on extruded bases before the benefits start to subside.

The best way to prepare your skis or snowboard is to stone grind at a shop to first remove all wax and dirt from the base before application; this allows you to get the maximum benefits from PHANTOM. Alternatively, you canuse a ski industry approved basecleaner to remove all dirt, wax, debris before application.

PHANTOM cures properly with at least one hour of strong, consistent, and direct sunlight. Do not start the curing process if rain or snow is in the forecast. If sunlight diminishes after the curing process has begun, resume curing at the earliest opportunity when the sun has returned and wait until the formula has changed from a liquid to a solid. If rain or snow develops, make sure that your bases have not been exposed to moisture.

For PHANTOM application to work properly, you should apply PHANTOM when the outdoor temperature is above 4.4°C/40°F - and preferably during the time of the day when the UV rating is strongest. Again, direct sunlight to the bases, free of moisture, for at least one hour is required for the liquid PHANTOM to change to a hard polymerized solution.

No. PHANTOM will not alter the appearance of your bases.

We recommend that you wear protective gloves to avoid contact with skin as it could be an irritant to you. The same with wearing protective eyewear, to prevent getting it in your eyes as PHANTOM could cause serious eye irritation. Should PHANTOM contact your skin, it should be washed away with soap and water. And if in eyes, rinse with water for several minutes. As with most any liquid other than water, there is the potential of flammability and care should be taken to avoid open flames during application. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. The application process should be done in a well-ventilated area.

With respect to base gouges and repairs, P-tex bonding performance and repair procedure is identical to a base without PHANTOM.

No. PHANTOM has no negative effects on the structural integrity of your ski bases.

Please reach out to us at within one month from your date of purchase.