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Frequently asked questions

Important: Don’t call it a wax! PHANTOM is in no way whatsoever a topical temporary wax. It is a unique waxless permanent base treatment. We have patented a novel method of avoiding unstable chlorofluorocarbon functional groups and instead, our proprietary formula permeates throughout the thickness of your base and is permanently bonded to the polyethylene, increasing the glide characteristics of your base. Therefore it does not wear off like a topical wax. This eliminates the need for constant and expensive application of fresh coats of wax, which is harmful to your wallet and the environment.

Traditional wax is a topical application (i.e. it adheres to the base surface, but does not penetrate the base surface) and thereby wears off on every run you take. Some specialty waxes can last a half run and are just temporary topical accelerants. With PHANTOM, and in standing by its lab and on-snow assertion of permanence, in non-technical terms, we essentially miniaturized the “slippery stuff” into molecules small enough to absorb into the base. We then utilize UV light to create a reaction with the polyethylene base molecules and a permanent bond is formed throughout the entire thickness of the base. So technically, if you were to grind and grind through all the layers of your base, you’d still have the benefits of the PHANTOM treatment at each layer.

Waxing is costly in terms of time and money––service fees, dropping off and picking up your skis at the shop, etc. PHANTOM only requires a single application and it lasts forever. One and done. The cost of PHANTOM 2.0 ($99 USD) is equivalent to three standard wax services, which collectively typically lasts for only a matter of runs or days. In the end, PHANTOM yields a completely different and revolutionary value proposition: delivering consistent and reliable performance—saving you time, money, and energy so you can focus on the skiing part

The simple answer lies in PHANTOM’s stable chemical structure. Traditional topical wax is a phase-change polymer. Meaning, it melts at high temperature, hardens at lower, and changes hardness and structure throughout temperature changes from morning to afternoon. PHANTOM is a crystalline structure which does not dramatically change over wide temperatures, enabling consistent glide to be maintained beyond what an ‘all-temperature wax can accomplish. PHANTOM does not and cannot overcome slush or prevent the laws of thermal dynamics.