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For the everyday Nordic skier, we have created a new product that addresses performance, convenience and environmental concerns about the use of wax.

PHANTOM Glide Nordic is specifically formulated to deliver permanent glide for the human powered needs of Nordic skiers.

PHANTOM Glide Nordic™

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PHANTOM was launched in 2017 to provide a solution for winter sports athletes who desire predictable, consistent glide over snow while also addressing the environmental impacts of fluorocarbon wax. With glide being such a critical component of all disciplines of Nordic skiing, trying to apply the perfect type of wax for the expected conditions is cumbersome and often entirely wrong.

We created PHANTOM Glide Nordic to help simplify this. This new PHANTOM Glide Nordic formula is engineered to optimize the coefficient of gliding at lower speeds than our standard formula, which is intended for gravity enhanced alpine skiing, alpine touring, and snowboarding. Although the formulas are different, they have the same benefits of increased glide, permanence, and environmental friendliness.

Please note: this product should not be used on alpine touring skis or split boards. Climbing skins will not stick to skis that have been treated with PHANTOM Glide Nordic.

Fast and easy application with PHANTOM Glide Cure Stations.

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