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How to Store Your Skis for the Summer

As the last few resorts stop spinning, it's the perfect time to take care of your equipment before it goes into storage. This will ensure that your skis & snowboards are ready to perform as soon as the snow starts falling next season.

Spring skiing often puts excess dirt and other contaminants on your skis and bindings. Whether it's from walking through the parking lot, throwing your skis in the back of your truck, or ripping the closing day pond skim, your bases and bindings will collect dirt. 

  • Simply using a garden hose and a towel to help eliminate any of that grit and grime on the surface is a good place to start. Avoid the use of soap or any degreasers because they can affect the lubrication in your bindings.

  • To clean your bases, an environmentally friendly citrus solvent works great. This will help get rid of anything beneath the surface and prep the bases for a good storage wax.

  • It's your choice to repair any damages before or after putting storage wax on your bases. Putting a nice layer of wax over your base and edges will help prevent any oxidization during the off-season.

  • Once they are covered tip to tail, edge to edge, store them in a room-temperature area, out of direct sunlight, and let the daydreaming begin.