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Making the Most of Your PHANTOM Glide Purchase

Congratulations on making a lifetime investment in better base performance!

Although PHANTOM Glide may alleviate the need to continually wax your bases, it does not eliminate the need to care for your bases. Let’s break down a few important aspects of PHANTOM Glide to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase.

Beware of Base Abrasion

It’s important to note that PHANTOM Glide does not prevent base abrasion. Base abrasion, commonly referred to as “dry bases,” naturally occurs as a result of polyethylene base material sliding on snow. This process is the most common cause of decreased glide, and will result in bases that feel slow or sticky when gliding.

Base abrasion is exacerbated by skiing or snowboarding on sharp, abrasive snow crystals like cold powder, as well as on hard, man-made snow. It can also be accelerated by the repeated application and removal of climbing skins. 

Base Abrasion

Base abrasion makes the bases look dry and white.

Here are two simple ways to keep base abrasion at bay and keep your equipment gliding optimally throughout the season:

  1. Get a Base Grind:

    PHANTOM Glide performs best on new or freshly ground bases. If you’re applying PHANTOM to a pair of used skis or a used snowboard, it’s a good idea to go to a shop and get a base grind first. This is the most effective way to remove contaminants such as old wax, skin glue and surface abrasion. |

    A base grind will result in a smooth, clean surface which is both optimal for absorption of PHANTOM Glide and achieving peak glide performance once you hit the snow. 

    If you see that your bases are becoming abraded, it’s highly recommended to reset the base structure by getting a new base grind, which will expose a fresh layer of PHANTOM Glide. 

    Base GrindHere's a ski running though a stone grinder to grind the base and reset structure.
        2. Use the Polishing Pad: 

      For optimal performance between base grinds, we recommend using the polishing pad that comes with each PHANTOM Glide kit. This pad cleans the base and can help to break down surface abrasion. It works to remove residue from the snow, skin glue, and other base contaminants.

      In multiple tests, we’ve shown that glide can be restored simply by buffing the ski for 30 to 60 seconds before skiing or snowboarding. This is an easy routine to get into prior to hitting the hill each day and will prolong the time between base grinds.

      Polishing Pad  Our friend Saren buffs her bases with a polishing pad before an evening ski tour.


      PHANTOM Glide and Wax

      Wax accomplishes two things when applied to a ski or snowboard. It covers up base abrasion for a temporary improvement in glide, and it polishes the base, making it look shiny. Unlike wax, PHANTOM Glide does not alter the way the base looks. PHANTOM Glide’s patented monomer technology penetrates deep and permanently enhances the natural properties of the actual base material. PHANTOM Glide not only improves the glide performance of raw polyethylene, but it also improves the bonding of wax, making wax last longer than ever before.

       A base treated with PHANTOM Glide and coated with a temperature specific, eco-friendly wax provides the ultimate glide experience. In this case, PHANTOM Glide acts as the ultimate base-prep and back-up plan for when your wax eventually wears off. Feel free to continue to wax your equipment if that is a part of your ski and snowboard care regimen.

       Just remember, eventually, your ski or snowboard base will need to be stone ground to resurface the base and reset the process.