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High-Performance | Eco-Friendly | PFAS Free

The only permanent glide solution for snowsports.

At-Home Kit


Easily apply PHANTOM to any ski or snowboard yourself.  

PHANTOM is an environmentally friendly, permanent, high-performance base treatment for skis and snowboards that improves glide performance across various snow conditions. 

The PHANTOM Glide At-Home Kit includes everything needed to apply PHANTOM Glide to your skis or snowboard yourself, at home. This all-inclusive kit combines the Base Cleaner, Base Care Kit, and Single Application Kit into one. 

  • Step 1: Clean Base with Base Cleaner 
  • Step 2: Apply PHANTOM Glide Permanent Base Treatment 
  • Step 3: Cure PHANTOM outside for 1hr in direct sunlight (> 7C / 45F) 
  • Step 4: Polish bases periodically to maintain glide. 

Invest in permanent, responsible performance and enjoy a sunny afternoon with your equipment. 

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How to apply PHANTOM Glide™ Single Application kit Instructions PDF
Treating your skis or snowboard

How To Apply PHANTOM Glide™

In The Media

What the experts are saying about PHANTOM Glide™

"PHANTOM delivers. I have used it in subzero cold, above freezing conditions and everything in between. And I can confidently say it offers good, consistent glide across all conditions.”

- Off-Piste

“I can confidently say that it works. I’m truly blown away. Whereas traditional waxes would wear off completely after a few days, PHANTOM kept its superb performance day after day, week after week. I never observed any degradation of its performance.”

- Snowbrains

“As soon as my ski tips are pointed downhill, the skis feel just as fast as the waxed versions. Making turns and transitioning from cold, shady snow into hot, melting slush during the same run did not affect speed, and the skis accelerated into and out of every turn.”

- Jon Jay, Ski Magazine

Apply Once, Glide Forever.


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