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History of PHANTOM Glide

PHANTOM Permanent Waxless Base Treatment was officially launched to the world in 2017. Every PHANTOM formula has always been researched, tested, and produced in our Salt Lake City, UT factory.

Over the years, we’ve continued to update the formula through constant on-snow testing and R&D efforts.  Our current formula is the most advanced and efficient iteration yet.   

PHANTOM Glide Timeline

September 2016 – Partnership between DPS and Utah Materials Research team (Jeff Bates + Kelan Albertson) is born.

December 2016 – First round of prototypes are produced.

Winter 2016-2017 – 49 iterations were developed and tested over a full North American and then South American winter, with the highest performing product eventually becoming PHANTOM 1.0.

November 2017 – PHANTOM Kickstarter campaign launches and PHANTOM 1.0 goes into initial production run.

December 2017 – PHANTOM 1.0 is released to the world. As a two-part formula, it required at least 6 hours of strong sunlight for each Part A and Part B to fully cure. Subsequently, development of PHANTOM 2.0 began.

Fall 2018 – PHANTOM 2.0 is released. Still a two-part formula, it required at least 1 hour of strong sunlight for each Part A and Part B to cure fully.

Spring 2018 – Dennis Pruzan joins the R&D team and the development of a one-part PHANTOM formula begins.

Fall 2019 – The PHANTOM Cure Station is released along with PHANTOM CSF, a dealer-specific formula designed to be cured with a 20 minute soak period followed by 20 minutes in the cure station. Additionally, a DIY PHANTOM 1-part formula is released. It required at least 1 hour of strong sunlight to cure fully.

Fall 2020 – Shaun Spacht joins the PHANTOM Glide team to add communications and sales expertise.

Fall 2022 – PHANTOM Glide is released, the most efficient formula yet. It simply requires 20 minutes in the cure station after application or at least 1 hour of strong sunlight.